05 March 2009

Re: Can't Get Flash Working

Okay everybody, go ahead and point and laugh. Just go ahead and do it.

Oh, you want to know why?

Okay. Well. Ummm. /sigh/

Here's the thing. I installed Linux from the live CD, and all that. And the default browser was something called Konqueror. Which, although it seemed a friendly little browser, wasn't Firefox. So I downloaded and installed (after figuring out how) Firefox. Yay! Happy dance!

Wait. Not so much. Videos don't work!?!? Noooooooo!

And so the three day search to figure things out began. Tried this and that and the other, and determined that Flash Player 10 (for Linux, even) was installed, but Just. Wouldn't. Work.

Searched, tried, pouted, cursed, etc....

Tried Flewellyn's link from my previous post about this (btw, thanks Flewellyn!!) and nothing, repeat nothing could get me videos in Firefox. Oh, they showed up just fine in Konqueror.

I tried another browser (Opera... meh) to see if there was video, and Lo, there was. Now it's getting really frustrating.

Konqueror was too plain, and Opera, well, see above, and dangit, I really like Firefox! Anyway, I did a Google search of "linux browsers" and came to a site that listed eight or ten of them, including Firefox, and -- well, here, let me just show you what it said (emphasis mine):

Firefox [Free]
The most popular open source web browser. Available for all major operating systems and included in all major Linux distributions. Numerous extensions are available..

Yes, Dear Reader, the pre-installed Firefox works just fine. But not knowing it was already there, I installed another copy of it. But the system didn't point to the one I was opening, so none of my attempts were directed where I wanted them to be.

Now I need to figure out which iteration of FF is the one I don't need, and get rid of it.

As it says in my URL, I am such a Phydeauxp. Point and laugh.


Ouyang Dan said...

Point and laugh.

I kinda want to, but as a Mac user I don't think that would be fair.

But, ya know, I am horribly biased against FF, so, wev.

I do, however, hope that you get it all resolved, and if I had any knowledge I would offer it.

Dusty said...

I would never point and laugh over something to do w/the computer dude.

I am sure you feel bad enough.

Steve said...

i'll either laugh or point not both
your choice!

Jennifer said...

Well, I laughed but refused to point, so I guess you're the point man.