15 March 2009

Post #912

It's a chilly, rainy Sunday here, and I'm just marking time.

And Dick freakin' Cheney was on TV (and hence, all over the Internets) today, lying and snarling and, well, being Dick Cheney.

Therefore, I have nothing to say.


Steve said...

i hear post #912 brings about great fortune and luck!

I too saw the dark cheney on the teevee machine and is was almost enough to make me well..... barf.

Jennifer said...

Maybe that's why I was feeling nauseous last night.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

I am surprised he can show his face.

Lisa said...

Cheney can certainly ruin one's day.

The Cunning Runt said...

How can you see The Dick and have nothing to say???

How 'bout, "Fuck You Up The Nose!" ?

Just tryin' to be helpful here.

Dusty said...

I really hope THe Big Dick Cheney rolls off into the sunset soon..or..

He gets charged with crimes and does time in a federal pen.

I like number two the best. ;)