27 January 2008

We The Corporations

We are sooo lucky to have Preznit Idiot McDumbshit in office. Well, lucky if "we" are rich or a corporation, that is. I found this chart, over at Dr. Zaius' place, that brilliantly spells out just how "lucky" we are.

Here's a message to the Democrats:

Don't be stupid! Stop the idiotic infighting! Instead of slashing at each other, talk about where this nation needs to be! The future of the nation depends, I fear, on a Democratic presidency over the next few years. We (the People) will not have a future left if the NeoCon Republican Corporatocracy stays in power.

Also, consider carefully your attachment to the Corporatocracy. We may be simple citizens, but it was simple citizens who defeated the greatest empire in the world 230 (or so) years ago. It can happen again. And a $300 bribe ain't gonna stop it.

Also, to the Democratic congresscritters... grow a fucking spine!

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