09 January 2008

Pheaux Phyre Phorum: The Let's Try Something New Edition

UPDATED (at 9:15pm):

Greetings and Sour 'taters, my phriends.

It's Wednesday again, and that means the open thread!

Since we all know Haloscan, umm,... isn't the best (have you been to Shakesville today?)... I thought I'd try using a chat widget for these fora. So, in the sidebar, just below the Blog365 badge, you'll see the "Grabber" chat icon. Click on that and let me have it!

I'll be interested in your thoughts on using Grabber, or suggestions for a better chat window... but please leave them as regular comments so they'll be available for me to peruse at my leisure.

(Damn, I'm picky tonight, huh?)

So, anyway, drinks, munchies, etc. are all in the usual places, and the cops are busy on the other side of Teh Woods, so.....

Okay, I don't like grabber.

Any suggestions, anyone?

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