30 January 2008

Pheaux Phyre Phorum: The Jennifer Returns Safely Home to Costa Rica Edition

aka, The I Think We Finally Have a Winner on the Chat Front Edition

Yes, phriends, I believe the long search is over! After I spent weeks scurrying about the InterWebs, trying to find a good (and free) chat platform, I asked PortlyDyke for help. She snapped her fingers... and viola! We can haz chat!!

It's free, no registration required, and easy to use. Just like me.

Also, the creek's stocked with all the usual (and unusual) stuff, munchies are on the table, and etc....

One more thing.... Your first comment must be to the health of all travelers (Jen & her girls in particular) or I'll kick you outta the chat! Okay, maybe not... but maybe! (I do have my curmudgeonly reputation to uphold, ya know?)

Anyway, to get there, just click here!

UPDATE: Experiencing technical probs with new chat... comment below, as usual.

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