20 January 2008

The Results Are In...

... and, as it turns out, I am so in my Right Mind:
(NOTE: apologies for the ad imagery at link below)

Are You A Right-Brain or Left-Brain Thinker?
Your Results:
You're primarily a RIGHT-BRAIN thinker.

Right brainers prefer an overview or a general understanding of the big picture first. They tend to be more conceptual and visual rather than logical. For this very reason, right brainers tend to remember a person's face, but not always his name. When it comes to work, the right brain dominant person is more likely to experiment with something new and figure outhow it works rather than break out the instruction manual right away. Her office may have the appearance of disorganization, with piles of paperwork and few systems in place. But don't discount this as failure! Right brainers have an uncanny ability to pull things off at the last minute. They rarely need to plan out every detail of a trip or vacation unlike their left brain friends who feel more comfortable with the details. Right brainers are more impulsive in that way, and can enjoy a surprise trip. They are open to seeing what's appealing when they arrive at their new destination.

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