16 January 2008

Pheaux Phyre Phorum: The We Try New Things Edition

So, this week's theme is multitasking!

First of all, drinks and munchies are in the usual place.

As is the comment thread.

Also, in my continuing attempt to find the best (non-haloscan) way to have an open forum, we shall be trying out yet another chat program, this one called FUBAR. This one needs a sign up, but once in, it's all good. If you wish to try it with us, email me here (with the subject line "lounge") and I'll send you an invite to "Phydeaux's Phyre" online lounge. I'll be watching both places (and joining in the festivities), so... let me have it!

ALSO: Big props to Christina (and her hubby Keith) for setting up the lounge. You guys rock!

UPDATE: I've been having troubles with my internet connection for the last hour or so (well, actually all day), so apologies to all and sundry.....

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