02 June 2009


When last we heard from Prophesor Phydeaux (I think it was Boatboy who came up with that most apropos derivation), he was waiting for a call/email for a second meet wherein he was to learn more about his new work schedule. That second meeting was today -- but it wasn't the scheduling meeting.

It was the meet-the-management-meeting, wherein they expressed their happiness at having a "native speaker" for the upper level English Classes. (I don't think I'm gonna be the only one, but they are in the process of growing and expanding the curriculum and need me. Or something like that.)

I got the tour of the school, and learned more about the place.

And I go back on Thursday evening to get my schedule and the books from which I will be teaching English. Beginning in mid-June.



The "Whew".

I almost forgot.

Turns out they have Ticos (native Costa Ricans) to teach the first two levels of English. I'll be teaching Levels 3-5, which is the more advanced. Which is a relief, because my Spanish really isn't up to tackling day-one-no-speaking-English students.

So, Yay and Whew!!


Steve said...

as long as you don't use any of my vlogs as a teaching aid i think you'll be fine!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Good luck with your new gig my man.

Sherry said...

sounds great!

The Cunning Runt said...

Eeeeeexcellent, Smithers!

Dusty said...

Far out..I hope you enjoy your new job Bob..you will learn a lot too I suspect. ;)