06 June 2009


So as you all are -- I'm sure -- aware, Costa Rica defeated the United States 3-1 on Wednesday in 2010 World Cup qualifying. Were talking fútbol (that's soccer, guys). No, seriously, they played a game. It was a big deal here.

Well, this afternoon Jen and I were watching some more Big Bang Theory and suddenly cheers erupted from the house across the street. Turns out there was another match, this time Costa Rica versus Trinidad & Tobago (which, is that really fair? Two on one????? ;) ).

Since I am living here now, I am interested in things Costa Rican, so we went upstairs and tuned in the game on Jen's computer* (it has a TV tuner card) and I watched the last ten minutes or so,

Costa Rica won 3-2, and are now in first place in their qualifying division.

Go la Sele (selección nacional)!!

Also, we had lunch yesterday with some friends, and we talked about going to a (local) match some time. So that should be fun... and I promise not to yell for a First Down. :)

*(and bake sausage balls and scones)


Dusty said...

They love soccer like we love baseball..right? ;)

hugh.c.mcbride said...

I turned the game on 10 minutes after it had started & Costa Rica was already ahead 2-0. Watched the rest of the 1st half & things weren't looking very promising for the Americans ...

Glad to know that the result brought some joy to you & yours. Hadn't heard about the next victory, but it sounds as though your squad is in good position for a World Cup finals berth.

If your team wins a few in Africa in 2010, I can guarantee you'll be hearing the cheers from far & wide :-)