26 June 2009

A Gentle Costa Rican Shower

The view from the garage -- no, I'm not going out in that!

Okay, that's a little more intense than the usual daily rain, but not much.

I love it. :)


Anonymous said...

How long does it do that?

And, is it usual for all the houses, both front yard and driveway, to be gated like that? How do you knock on someone's front door?

Bob said...

That intensity of rain usually only last for 15-20 minutes (during the time I've been here, can't yet claim a full understanding of Costa Rican weather), but the thunder and lightning and lighter rainfall often continues into the night -- after starting around 1:00 or 1:30.

Yes, Costa Rica gets a lot of rain.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, they're big on the barring entry thing here. You either stand and call for who you want, or pull out a coin or key to rap on the metal gate, or ring the bell/buzzer if there is one.

kkryno said...

It almost looks like one could surf to work there! Other than the torrential rain, it looks like a beautiful place.

Mustang Bobby said...

Welcome to the tropical summer. It does that a lot here, too.