10 June 2009

"We'd better get a gecko picture out of it, is all I can say about that."

Things were a bit batty upstairs last night, it appears. We'll never know for sure, however, because I had Jen's camera down here. Hence the quote I use for a title on this post.

You see, there was a gecko in my shower (as Steve said in GMail status, the gecko was saving me a bunch on shampoo!), and my camera is, at present, non-functional due to a lack of batteries. [note to self: this would be a really good time to get four rechargeable AAA batteries -- and a charger] So Jen graciously brought me down her camera.

Luckily for me (based on the post title quote), I took some photos of said gecko.

Therefore, I give you, not one, but three gecko pictures:
gecko on the wall

gecko (fuzzy) on the wall up next to the ceiling

gecko on the wall, showing the perspective of the view of the angle of the inclusion of the shower head
(and, yes, that is a taped over electrical wire sticking down into the shower. This is Costa Rica, after all)


Jennifer said...

That's for the on-demand shower heater that most people use here instead of a hot water tank that serves the whole house. Usually comes with a knife switch mounted on the wall beside it. Inside the shower.

ouyangdan said...

those buggers are not easy to photograph, either!

Steve said...

not sure I want to know what a "knife" switch is when trying to get hot water!

Lisa said...

I see that you're familiar with the code "that's all I'm going to say about that."

Smart man.