12 May 2009

Sherman, Set The Wayback Machine For 1958*

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post telling y'all about how when I was a kid, I "remembered" things that happened before I was born. Included in the post was a scanned photo that my dad took -- one of many photos he took while the family lived in Alaska. The elder of my two brothers has begun digitizing the slides to save and share, which excites me greatly, as I haven't seen my "memories" in a long time.

Here's another photo of the Jesse Lee Home that Dad took while he was the Administrator (I'm not sure, but I would assume that's one of my sister's on the front stairs). Note the combination of open windows and snow on the ground -- these are not only my people, but my kind of people:Also visible in the photo is the vehicle my dad owned at the time, an International Travelall. This was probably the first one (of several -- in fact, we owned one pretty much from that time until they stopped making them in the early seventies). I loved the big solidness of them, and -- despite the lack of decent gas mileage -- wouldn't mind owning one now. And as a matter of fact, I saw one just a couple of days ago as Jen and I were driving around San Rafael in search of bulk sausage (which is another story for another time).

*that's a guess, but it's close.


Jennifer said...

One of your sister's what???!? The suspense is killing me.

Steve said...

not going to make a bulk sausage joke cause i love you two too much!

but damn close those windows what were they trying to heat all of Alaska? :)

kkryno said...

When I first move here I thought the open windows were just craziness! After living here through a few winters, I understand. The temps can go from 10-20 below zero to 25-35 above in a matter days. One of the best inside jokes between K. and is to say, "It's HOT!" in March.

Of course; we're probably losing our minds...;)

I'd love to have an old Travelall. That would be an awesome burrito truck! I saw one on Benson the other day with all of the glass intact and very little glass intact, and little rust. That is rare!

kkryno said...

Uh; move=moved.

Focus, Vikki; FOCUS!


Lisa said...

Well, that Travelall explains much about how you felt at home in the Lair! Very cool.

That's a great photo, BTW, very of its time with the coloring. It reminds me of old snapshots in my parents' photo albums.

Dusty said...

A great piece of your history Bob..thanks for sharing!

As for the open windows..when I lived in Boston and had radiator heat that we did not control..we had open windows all the time as it got friggin HOT in that apartment.