22 May 2009

A Great Fog Has Lifted


I mean wow.

And I'm not talking about politics or anything like that. I'm talking about vision -- my own.

As you may recall from a post at Jen's a while back, we ordered glasses from an online place called Zenni Optical.

They made it to North Carolina early last week, and we had been anxiously awaiting their arrival here ... and frankly a bit worried that they had gotten lost somewhere in transit between East Redacted, Miami and San Jose.

Today, Jen got an email with the subject line "Your package MIA000****** is ready for pick up" (I thought the "MIA" part was amusing, considering we were a bit afraid the specs were Missing In Action) -- and there was great rejoicing! And picture taking!! Please to be especially noting my ZZTop styling in the lower shot. :)

They fit perfectly and the prescription makes my vision (and Jen's) fantastic!!

So many thanks to the regular commenter at konagod's -- I can't remember which one it was, sorry! -- who mentioned Zenni Optical. If you need glasses, and you're not in a terrible hurry (they're manufactured in Hong Kong and cross the Pacific in a ship, so...), I give them a thumbs up.


Dusty said...

Dude..you are SO ZZTop in those shades..woot! Jen has always been a cutie and looks very professorial..they do add to her looks as well.

I have worn glasses since I was in grade school. I think they add to a person's beauty..call me crazy, but I like them much better than contact lenses.

Mauigirl said...

They look great, and I know what it's like not to be able to see properly. When I was a kid I thought everybody saw like that - until I got glasses for the first time. I finally understood why they put signs at the side of the road - people really could read them! - and what they meant by the Man in the Moon.

Anonymous said...

VERY Billy Badass, Bob. Awesome.

Steve said...