08 February 2009

Would Someone Please 'Splain To Me

Why anyone, much less Think Progress, is wording it like this?

Supporters Of $1.3 Trillion Bush Tax Cuts In 2001 Now Call $900 Billion Recovery Plan Billion ‘Too Much’

Such objections are indeed ironic coming from some of the greatest advocates for President Bush’s $1.35 trillion tax cut package in 2001.

What am I missing here? As I understand it, back in 2001 Congress cut taxes by $1.3 trillion. Now the people who voted to cut the Gummint coffers -- from which spending is done -- are saying that spending $800 billion is a bad idea.

Remember my post the other day, and how I said that no matter how loony-sounding or just plain wrong for the country (and, yes, pretty much everything the Repellicans say these days is antithetical to moving the country to a better place) the Republican positions are, they are completely self-consistent?

Slashing monetary intake ... being against spending. Duh. There's no irony here. We haven't had that since 1983.*

In 2001, they cut taxes and then, over the next few years, doubled spending. If the above title and post had pointed that out, fine. But it chose to go in a different direction, akin to "water is wet".

With the Republicans, it's all about the words. Actions don't enter into it, because they know that a large enough percentage of the electorate will forget the actions -- if, in fact, that percentage even notices the actions in the first place -- and see only the replayed soundbites.

You (and I'm talking to those who continue to write volumes of posts about "the Republicans are...") might as well argue with that oak tree just outside this office window, for all the effect you're gonna have on the outcome of things. You're wasting your time (in writing) and mine (reading).

Put that energy to use in some more useful manner. Go shovel snow off your front walk, or turn some soil to prepare your Victory Survival Garden or play with your kids or something.

(*this one is worth 1173 irredeemable points)

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