11 February 2009

Where I Crawl Into The Cesspool Minds of Republicans

Okay, so the Republicans are, as I've said before, only interested in themselves and their portfolios and the availability of frozen hot chocolates. So I see no sense in talking to them, and trying to get them to adopt a "inasmuch as you have done this to the least of these" attitude (because, apparently, the Jesus they worship didn't actually say that, and, if he did, he was winking at the fatcats of the day so it doesn't really count).


I certainly think that we can talk about them and their motives. Bob Cesca does just that over at HuffPo, and does a fine job enumerating some of the (from the vantage point of the Reality-bsed Community) ridiculous and hypocritical things the Party of Lincoln Rush is saying. I'll pause a moment or two whilst ye take a gander to refresh your memory of the Raving Wingnuttia....

Oh, hai. You're back.

So, why are the Republicans engaging in all these blatant falsehoods? First and foremost, duh, because they're politicians and, let's face it, that's the nature of the beast, no matter the flavor.

Let's look at a bit of Bob's post:

Why, Dear Reader, do you suppose they think they can get away with all this? I believe it's because they read and listened to those of us in the Reality-based Community over the last eight years, crying out about these injustices and lies, and knew we were right. And, further, they know that their followers are too ... unengaged (bless their hearts) to realize that, while the we were decrying lies and largesse and unConstitutional behavior on the part of the Executive Branch of the Federal Gummint, and trying to protect We the People, the Grand Obstructionist Party is doing it to score political points.

Think I'm exaggerating? I'm not. On Hardball with Chris Matthews today, Rep. Peter King said that if, after arguing against the bill tooth and nail (and egregious lie), the stimulus package works and the economy recovers, the Republicans will then say something along the lines of, 'Well, the economy would have recovered as soon or sooner without this wasteful spending.'

The old Heads-I-win, Tails-you-lose game.

You know, eventually, cooler heads will prevail in the Republican Party. I'm afraid that it may be a long time, though, and that the country, and therefore the whole world (we're all one big market now) will suffer greatly in the intervening years.

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