10 January 2009

Teh Stoopit. It Burnses.

Anyone care to point out the geographic truth about which this person is apparently totally unaware?

And this is one of the Weblog "Best Individual Blog" also-rans.

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ADDED: Okay. A few things.

One -- and this is the big one that I really don't think Vilmar is taking into account, it's the middle of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere and Winter in the Northern.

Two, Jubany Station, from where Vilmar is quoting the temp, is at a latitude of approx. 62°S and on the coast (hint, penguins and sea lions), which has average Summer temps (scoll down the page at the link) in the upper 30s(F) and can often get into the upper 40s.

Three, the average January temperature in Glasgow, Scotland (latitude approx. 56°N) is 10.6°F.

So the weather he's all ZOMG!!11!one!! about is... normal to a bit warm.


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