30 January 2009

Haute Cuisine du Maison Phydeaux

Since everyone else is posting their gastronomic creativity, I decided I should do the same.

So, for your viewing/reading pleasure, I present to you.... my breakfast:

First, one must find the proper ingredients. Only the freshest and best-tasting will do. Ordinarily, one would need a garden and/or access to a farm to get the best -- and I have, at present, neither. Luckily for me, there is a Food Coop just down the street from where I am currently residing, and I was able to procure some wonderful makings....

Ingredients -- Organic whole milk (with cream still in) and cereal (bowl and spoon courtesy of Sister One):

Step One -- carefully add cereal to bowl:

Step Two -- add the milk (note the proper height from which to pour the milk):

The Final Presentation -- place the bowl in front of the monitor and keyboard, so you can catch up on the latest the InterWebs Tubes have to offer while you eat:

Bon Appetit!

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