17 January 2009

Saturday Happenings

You may have read a while back that Circuit City had declared bankruptcy. Well, yesterday, they requested permission from a bankruptcy court to liquidate all merchandise in preparation to close down completely, having given up, due to the current economic situation, any hopes of recovering.

The judge said "Okay."

Starting this morning, Circuit City's all over the country began closeout sales. My sister has mentioned that she wanted to get a digital camera, and I told her, "Now would be the time" and, oddly enough, even volunteered to go to the nearest CC and find her one.

I was not the only person to have this idea.

There were ... a lot ... of people there, but everyone was cordial and/or resigned to waiting in lines and such. I found a nice little camera for my sister at a good price, and then ambled around a bit, looking at things.

I moseyed down the computer accessory aisle and remembered that my keyboard was a POS the spacebar of which often had a mind of its own, refused to work, or worked too well (no, I don't really need 523 spaces between those two words, thanks). I looked at what was still available and found a Logitech wireless board/mouse combo for a really good price (almost half off the Logitech website price) and I got it.

Ain't it cool looking?

Yay me!

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