08 October 2008

Pheaux Phyre Phorum: The 1st Anniversary Edition

A year ago (plus a few days) some of us were hanging out at Shakesville's Virtual Pub, and it was brought up that we needed a mid-week version. One of the other regulars said, "We tried that. Didn't catch on."

Sounds like a challenge, dunnit?

So, with some photo-atering help from Jen, I rigged up this little get together. In an email to her, I reasoned:

Since I live in a camper in the woods, I thought maybe a virtual campfire might be apropos. Using my decidedly not mad search skillz, I found the fire pics below. (I like the last, cause there's people... but unidentifiable, so it could be us Shakers.

"Phydeaux's Bonphire"? ("Campphire" looks too weird)

"Phire Away at Phydeaux's Place"?

or maybe just

"Phydeaux's Phriendly Phire"?

Thoughts? Ideas?


And the first one was 10 October 2007.

Happy Anniversary, Pheaux Phyre!!

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