05 October 2008

Palin Aphabet

A is for Apocalypse, which we're hoping to have
B is for Bailout, so the haves can have more
C is for Christ, ya we like him a lot
D is for Doncha know, doggone it
E is for English only, no heathen tongues here
F is for Free Markets, except for cases of B
G is for God, who created Earth 6000 years ago
H is for Heathens, who'll be left behind
I is for Ice caps, which cover our oil
J is for Jews, we'll perfect them for A
K is for Killing, those wolves from the air
L is for Libruls, hated by G
M is for Money, second only to G
N is for Neo-cons, beloved by G
O is for Oil, drill baby drill
P is for Palin, of course
Q is for Queers, who G really hates
R is for Republicans, the real chosen ones
S is for Shoutouts, to 3rd graders during debates
T is for Taxes, which must be cut back
U is for Uranium, which powers nukular bombs
V is for Virgin, which my daughters all mostly are
W is for Wasilla, which I ran really bad well
X is for X husbands of sisters, who get fired by me
Y is for Younger, which my running mate isn't
Z is for Zero credibility, which I hide by being folksy

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