19 October 2008

My Inner Science Geek Is LOLing

The McCain campaign has broken through a heretofore impenetrable barrier in quantum physics, experimentally proving the existence of unseen dimensions and, in the process, setting three of its surrogates on a pathway towards winning the 2009 Nobel Prize in the physical sciences.

Gov. Sarah Palin, campaigning, she said, in "real America," which apparently includes part of North Carolina, Rep. Michelle Bachmann, calling for a media investigation to determine whether Americans are real or not, and today, McCain all-around best surrogate Nancy Pfotenhauer (pronounced -- Foe-Ten-How-er, like proton power), said that parts of the state of Virginia, heretofore universally assumed to be in America, were not, in fact, in the country.


So what Pfotenhauer, by locating "real America" in the middle of an expansion of "unreal America" -- has given us more evidence yet that "unreal America" is expanding. Perhaps unreal America is a like a bubble in Alan Guth's Inflationary Universe Hypothesis, one that, when it envelopes "real America" will tear apart. (That would explain the fear in the voices of P,B and P.)

Read the whole thing here. (h/t to The Reality-Based Community)

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