09 July 2008

Pheaux Phyre Phorum: The What A Beautiful Evening Edition

Howdy, Campers!

Today has been a beautiful day - if you're like me and like being in the clouds. We've had low clouds, which, up here on the mountain means fog most of the afternoon, with periods of rain and thunder off in the distance. Call me weird (please), but I love weather like that. And, I just got back from a walk, and ... well, it's beautiful. I didn't have me camera to hand, and couldn't have matched these pics that my Siamese Cousin The Cunning Runt posted, but the look was similar. As the man says:

Thank You, Mother Earth,
Thank You, Father Sky.

Now. What'ch'all got on yer minds this bee-yoo-ti-ful evening?

Speak up, don't be shy!

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