22 July 2008

On Being Connected...

To Teh InterWebs Tubes, that is.

Those of you who are in contact with me offblog on any kind of a regular basis know that my connection fails quite often, and has been doing so for months. Most of you also know that I am on my neighbor's wifi net. I've mentioned this problem to the neighbors several times, and they have noticed it, but not nearly so often, as they use the internet pretty much only to check email and download a recipe now and then.

Over the last couple of weeks the problem had gotten worse. Before, it mainly happened only when it was raining, but it got to the point where it was happening all the time. But the latest "escalation" meant that the neighbors could no longer receive calls on their phones.

So, Neighbor Prime (the owner of the house) called BellSouth AT&T last Tuesday to come fix. "We'll have someone there Friday," he was told. On Friday, I was asked to keep an eye out, and let the repair dude into the house. "No prob," I said... and waited... and waited.

Anyway, no show on Friday, but they came yesterday evening and found the problem!!! One of the phone jacks was highly corroded, and was causing a short.

Ahhh, Teh InterWebs Tubes are channeling information fast as bunnies now! I'm so happy! So, who wants to chat?

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