30 July 2008

Breaking News: Republican Operatives Are Made of Fail

The RNC attempted to set up a FaceBook parody site, called BarackBook, with predictable results. From the NYTimes article:

Republicans were forced to strip the comment wall and discussion board from the page attached to its new Facebook parody, BarackBook.com, which just went online early this morning, because of comment posts that were racist and anti-Muslim … and some that were anti-Republican too.

What. A. Shock. Racist and anti-Muslim comments on a Republican website!?!? Next thing you know, we'll find out that water is wet and fire is hot!!!

Typical comments on the NYT article - from both sides of the aisle - but then I saw this one:
July 29th,
8:31 pm

As a non-US citizen I see this stuff and question the right of America to claim moral leadership in the world. My American friends ask “why are foreigners so interested in Obama and the election… they don’t get to vote and it’s none of their business!” The answer is simple, the greed and consumption of America is a global problem. It is American greed that has caused many global recessions whether its S&L, junk bonds, dot-com, or the recent sub-prime event. It is obvious that unregulated greed hurts not only Americans, but people in other countries. Jefferson was always decrying the greed of the “stockjobbers” in NY. Think America! It’s not all about you - your actions and Presidential choices have global consequences beyond your parochial national view. Choose well.

— Posted by Citizen of the World

Spot. Fuckin'. On.

(h/t to Petulant, via Shakesville)

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