31 July 2008

Neighborly Neighbor Update

It appears that he is fine... but that his Saab has gone to that Great Car Park In The Sky.

For those who don't know, he was in a collision yesterday. The car in front of him was slowing down to turn, he slowed down, but the car behind him ... didn't. The driver of the car behind admitted to not paying attention, and there was no doubt as to the fault in the accident.

Neighbor went to the hospital and was checked out fully, and sent home. He's pretty much okay, just some soreness (as is normal after any accident), especially in his right leg, which was tensed on the brake pedal and therefore absorbed a good deal of the shock. His insurance is providing a rental car.

So, except for the loss of the Saab (which was a very nice car, btw)... all is good.

Thanks to everyone for your expressed concern!!

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