02 February 2008

Two Days In

48 hours without tobacco, and I'm still here. No matter where I go, there I am.

I've also started to take more (and longer) walks. Cause I've realized that I'm probably gonna live for a long time (my parents are in their late 80's and going strong, and my grands and great-grands also lived to ripe old ages), and if I'm gonna be around when I'm 80 or so, I should be in good enough shape to enjoy it, right?

I've been walking up the driveway and then to the top of the road (where it starts down the south side of this mountain). According to GoogleEarth, that's 3/4 of a mile each way, and an elevation change of around 400 feet.

I posted a photo the other day taken from along the road.

Today, I decided to walk down the hill through the woods. A shorter walk, but a steeper hill. "What did you see, Phydeaux?" I can hear you asking. Well:

The "yard" behind the Secret Lair (aka '73 Winnebago).

Tree and blue sky, down the hill a ways.

No, there's not much rhododendron around here at all. Why do you ask?

I also discovered that I'm more out of shape than I thought... so I'll be tackling that hill again... and again... and again. The walk was just under a mile all together, but about the same elevation change as going the other way, and coming back up the hill got me.


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