19 February 2008

Some Days Are Good Days, and Some Days Are Very Good Days

The Universe was very kind to me today.

Why do I say that, you ask?

  • I got to go to the Gentleman Farmer's and work ... and earn money.

  • I did something specific I hadn't done before - namely replacing all of the jets on a two person Jacuzzi tub - which was just the slightest bit complicated (lots of PVC joints) and fun.

  • I got to talk to my friend Dave, whom I hadn't seen or talked in a couple of months.

  • Traffic on the expressway was light and ... driving about the speed limit, which was refreshing.

  • Best of all, I was in a good mood all day.

As my Siamese Cousin would say:

Thank You, Mother Earth. Thank You, Father Sky.

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