17 February 2008

On Walking

Today is not a good day for a walk. It's been cloudy and at least drizzly since early this morning (right now I can hear rain hitting the roof of the Secret Lair (aka'73 Winnebago)), and the temperature has hovered in the low 40's. It's also foggy as shit right now.

So, today I have not walked. I'll have to walk extra tomorrow to make up for it.

Instead of actually walking, I've thought about walking.

For those who haven't been following along ... shame on you. Wait, just kidding.... Anyway, my walk is about three quarters of a mile to where the road reaches its high point before going back down the south side of the mountain on which I live. From my door to that turnaround is, according to Google Earth, about a 400' change in elevation. Most of that change is in the first half of the outbound leg, up the gravel drive past neighbors' homes, to the main road.

When I first walked up that hill two and a half weeks ago, I needed to stop at the little rise where the drive reaches the road. To catch my breath. (remember, I'm not only out of shape, I just quit smoking) The past few days I have kept walking when reaching that point.

That's a nice feeling of accomplishment. Soon I will have to lengthen my walk. Bummer.

I have also encountered other non-automotive traffic on my walks. Kids walking to friends' houses to play or wev, folks out in their yards, a couple of cyclists who had just made the climb (about 900' above the valley on the north side) - and who seemed totally unaffected by that climb, showing me just how far I have to go (not that I expect to be biking up mountains... well, ever, but you know what I mean).

Yesterday, I encountered my first fellow walker. A gentleman who lives on the south side of the mountain and who has been mirroring my walk from that side. Well, actually, I have been mirroring his, as he's been doing this for some time. We just happened to meet at our mutual turnaround point, and stopped to say hello, exchange pleasantries, and agree that it was a beautiful day.

It was nice talking to him, and I hope to meet him again at the top of the road. Next time I'll ask his name, and give him mine. Just didn't think of it yesterday.

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