29 February 2008

Blog 365

Yes, I signed up for it. Yes, I'm enjoying it. But I got an email from them yesterday that read, in part:

Feb. 29th is the official Blog365 day of rest!
Now that blogging is such a habit, can you go a full day without doing it?
Rest up now, we still have a lot of year left ya know.
And no blogging about not blogging either! That's still blogging!
Blog On! (Except Tomorrow!)

So, I'm taking today off.

Aww, crap. I guess not, huh?

There's another reason for the title of this post, ya know. Despite the fact that the thingy in the sidebar says my Blogoversary is "in 1 days[sic]", it was 365 days ago today that I made my first post.

So, Phydeaux and Phriends is a year old today. But my blogoversary isn't 'til tomorrow. It's all very confusing. Maybe I'll have it all figured out by tomorrow, and can post coherently about it.

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