15 November 2009

Food, Glorious Food!

Tonight's dinner:

Steamed green beans, tuna casserole, and made-from-scratch chocolate pie w/(sorta)graham cracker crust*. As my Siamese cousin Ralph would say.... 'twas guuuuud!**

* - "Graham Crackers" aren't available (that we've found) here in Costa Rica, so we used "Fibra Miel", or "Fiber Honey", cookies.

** - And we haven't actually cut into the pie yet, but the "leavings" in the bowl were yuu-mmy!


Petulant said...

Looks like a good meal. I find graham cracker crusts overrated. It always seems bland to me. I prefer shortbread cookies. Ever make "Galletas Maria" cookies? Those would be lovely for a chocolate pie.

It is also nice to see green beans that aren't lacking color. Ya know here in the South, many boil green beans until gray. Bully for you!

The Cunning Runt said...

I loves me some tuna-macs! :)

Bob said...

Pet, heh, I have made some pies using Maria's -- both chocolate and lemon (form mixes) -- and they are good, but I wanted to try the Fibra Miel. They taste very much like honey grahams, but are a bit more substantive (or, as Jen puts it, "dense").

I'm glad I finally found all the necessary ingredients for made-from-scratch chocolate pie (twas the cornstarch that I didn't have before), because it's oh, so much better than that from a mix (I'd been using a chocolate mousse mix that was actually quite good, though).

As far as the beans, they were definitely not overcooked.

CR, my tuna casserole has no mac in it, but rather rice. See recipe at link in post. :)

Steve said...

there seems to be a strange absence of meat or meat like substance in that meal

Mauigirl said...

Sounds good to me! I love tuna casserole!