02 November 2008

The Party of Family Values

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe (you know, the dude that's sent you about a blue million emails in the last two months?) was on Fox Noise Sunday and questioned by Chris Wallace. Included in the interview was this:

WALLACE: In fact, you do have a very big event coming and that is not the election. It’s the birth of your second child.

In fact, that’s the reason you’re in Washington. Your wife, as I understand it, was due yesterday. What do you do if you’re in Chicago on election morning and you get the word your wife’s in labor?

PLOUFFE: I will get back as quickly as I can and head to the hospital. First things first, and we’re obviously so excited about that. We’re hoping that our new one will wait till after Tuesday, but either way we’ll be thrilled.

WALLACE: But you’re saying that if election morning you find out that the new one’s coming and isn’t waiting for the election, you’re going to leave Chicago and head off to the hospital?

PLOUFFE: Absolutely.

WALLACE: Boy, there are — a lot of people in the Beltway are going to question your priorities, David.

OMG!!! He cares more about his wife and soon-to-be-born child than he does about the outcome of the election!?!?!? Frakkin' socialist.

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