02 June 2008

What I Didn't Tell You Friday

... when I posted about bush-hogging, basically because I was feeling brain-dead by the time I got home (spending hours sitting on a tractor in the sun will do that to you), was that in the middle of the afternoon, the tractor just ... died on me. Half a tank of diesel, and it just quit.

I left GentFarm a note, describing the 'symptoms' and went over to a friend's house. He and I got to talking about meditation, and he taught me a few simple techniques, which I have already found helpful. I've always been interested in meditation, but haven't been willing (or, most of the time, able) to shell out $$$ to get someone to teach me. So I was glad that my friend volunteered the info. He also showed me some Tai Chi body relaxation moves, which have also already proved beneficial.

Anyway, there's still several hours of 'hogging' to do, but that must wait for the tractor to be healed.

Don't forget to comment on my post from Saturday, if you have not yet done so! The deadline is Wednesday noon (my time, EDT).

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