03 June 2008

The Final Tuesday

Well, until 4 November, that is.

Those bellwether* states, Montana and South Dakota, are voting today in the final primaries of the season (and there was great rejoicing throughout the land). It is most likely that Barack Obama will have enough delegates in his column after today to be the unofficial "candidate presumptive". And, according to posts at Shakesville, Hillary Clinton may be conceding tonight, and - GASP!!11! - might even be considering accepting an offer to be the Vice Presidential candidate.

How awesome would that be, for the Dems to be running an African-American (a young one at that) and a woman ... against the GOP's same-old Old Rich White Dudez ticket (c'mon, you know McCain's gonna pick some rich old fart)?

In any case, I am so glad that the primaries are over!!!

*an etymological aside - I've always thought the word was "bellweather" and that it had its genesis in "bell" and "weather", but I was wrong. (mark this date) The word actually comes from "a wether or other male sheep that leads the flock, usually bearing a bell", according to the dictionary. Thus endeth today's lesson in wordiness.

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