27 June 2008

Friday Morning Quickie

In the long-lost country of Upper Farawayia, there was great excitement. After thousands of years without contact with the outside world, the benevolent and hereditary leader, The Shan, had decided to open the borders to limited trade and interaction.

The people oohed and aahed at the bits of technology that merchants brought to them (while secretly feeling smug that these outsiders had limited telepathic abilities - the Farawayians were by no means 'backwards'), but decided by unspoken agreement that they would not allow their nation to be cluttered by materialistic things.

The one exception was to convince The Shan to accept a gift of an automobile from her loving people. After comparing models, the Committee to Select a Car chose a brand new metallic purple Honda to be the new conveyance for The Shan.

With great pomp, The Shan and her entourage set out on a progress, visiting all corners of Upper Farawayia to thank the people for the fine gift.

In the small mountain village of Phylesia, however, tragedy struck. As The Shan was giving a speech to the villagers, somehow the emergency brake on the car disengaged and the vehicle suddenly started rolling forward. Everyone was so entranced by The Shan's speech, that none noticed the hurtling car until it was too late.

"Oh, my God!" one of the villagers cried out. "The Fit has hit The Shan!"

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