16 April 2007

On the Virginia Tech Shootings

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Earlier today, someone was sitting in a classroom, maybe listening to a teacher lecture, maybe doodling in their notebook, and then someone came in the door with guns, and this person who was looking forward to the semester ending, maybe worried about some of the finals coming up, maybe hung over from whatever they were doing that weekend, and they glanced up and they saw these guns and their heart stoppped and their mouths went dry and adrenaline dumped into their veins and every single moment in their universe was narrowed to a fine exacting point and point was aimed at them and a trigger was pulled, and they might have been average or they might have been grand but now they are just meat. Rotting meat. And whatever was in their head is lost forever, and it probable only mattered to them anyway, but jesus. This happened 31 times today, in different places. It keeps on happening over and over and the only way we can deal with it is to categorize it, mark it down, present cause, effect, and turn it into an event with a beginning middle and end. But really all that mattered was the sweat, and the click, and final few seconds. God, how can we think about anything else?

I fucking hate politics.

(from the comment thread at Shakesville's "Dozens Killed at Virginia Tech by Gunman")

What else is there to say?

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