13 April 2007

Support Our Troops

I'm posting this, in its' entirety (spelling errors and all), in the hopes that it may make its' way to Washington. I know of no way to verify it, but whether it was written by an actual soldier in Iraq or not, it makes some very valid points. Without further comment, then:

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Buck Iraq

Reply to: pers-310911254@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-04-12, 8:30PM CDT

I am trying very hard not to be to angry here, but I'm filled with rage, and I have to send it somewhere. I can't vent to anyone else, cause if the "Bush Brass" hears about it, my ass is in a sling.
I'm sitting here in the Anus of Planet earth called iraq. surrounded by cock-suckers who want to hurt me, sent here by an illegally elected liar, who is being propped up by west point graduated career and money minded vampires.
This is bullshit on a major scale. I am HERE, I see and interact with Iraqi's EVERYDAY. Excuse me, might as well use the term EVERYONE here uses. ---"Fuckin Haji's".
Let me try to explain to any of you fuckers out there who think this is a Good War, that we are making a difference, that all will be right with iraq, we just have to give it and them(haji's)some time to re-group.
You are wrong, you are as wrong as taking a shit on the floor at Christmas Dinner. Let me start with some FACTS.
1. No Nation since the dawn of time that has ever invaded, occupied or embedded themselves into another nation THAT DID NOT INVITE THEM THERE, has ever conquered, won-over or changed said nation when the people of the occupied nation became a independantly acting and commanded Gorillia Force.
What this means to you products of a Crawford Tx education is this.----We can't win this war. The Terrorist/"insurgents" don't see themselves as the "Bad Guys".
They see themselves as----now hold on to your nuts------FREEDOM FIGHTERS.
an Army Of Resistence.
They never asked us to come, they never wanted us to come.
FACT 3. WE, have made their existence ----WORSE,----and they hate us for it.
Why? you ask---Ok, back to Crawford Tx education.----YES, Saddam was a bad guy---but he was THEIR Bad guy. When THEY had had enough of him----THEY would have done what every civilization since the founding of BedRock would have done-----they would have formed an underground government of resistence. and THEY would have overthrown him. Ok Crawford Tx, here is how the universal truth works.-----To BE a Demoracy--------YOU have to WANT Demoracy. To continue----WE have killed just as many innocent, everyday, common, mean no harm, just want to live their lives, Iraqi's ------as SADDAM.---they know this----and they hate us for it. Hold on Crawford, tx. I know what you're thinking. and the best way to answer that is this----being from crawford---you're familiar with the "Fued Mentality?. You know---kill my kin, I kill yur kin.
OK, same thing applies here.

Speaking of MENTALITY, here's another---FACT, and these facts you have to COME here and see them with your own eyes as I have seen them with mine.Or else simple trust me because i'm pissed and angry and have no reason to lie.
DEMORACY means fairness to everyone---including----here it comes ---WOMEN.
Everyday, our female MP's go out to Iraqi police stations to patrol and take fire and be blown up. Right along side the Iraqi police officers----the same guys we're suppose to be trusting to take over for us and maintain order by being FAIR to everyone. Male, Female, Shiat Sunni, Kurd. the whole DEMORACY Thing for a BETTER IRAQ.
And everyday, Our female soldiers have to POINT their weapons at these POLICEMEN so they keep their hands off them.
And when we Hem these fine officers up and ask them WHY they were groping and assaulting these women.------Without missing a beat he said---and I was there.
"What's the big deal?, there're JUST women. They're here for us to fuck at will."

Yeah, demoracy
Look, I'm just angry, the cock suckers just extended my tour, and some more of us got hurt today. 20 thousand ADDITIONAL troops and all we've done is secure a 4 block area to the point where "only 2 murders a night happen and one car bombing a week happens--------yeah, that's REAL progress.
This war is bullshit, the surge is bullshit.
Lastly, those of you who read this, speak for us who don't have a voice, speak for us who joined our military because we love our country and our constitution. Speak because america is not a MAN or a political party. This is not about our side of the political arena versus their side, this is about the truth that america is an ideal of an idea. That a govermnent of the people for the people, by the people is a true and living enity.
It is not wrong to question your government or your leaders when we as a nation feel they (it) has lost connection with it's people and the foundation of it's inseption.

Our president is simply a civil servant that WE chose to be the "administrator" of OUR Government. He is not a King, or a Czar. And this is not SPARTAAAAAAAAA. Not only is it NOT unpatrotic to question him, ---it's your bought and paid for with blood-----DUTY.
I leave you with what has become the underground TAO of my unit.

"We're in a war we can't win, and in a war we can't leave, just shoot somebody".

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