23 February 2011

The Places I've Lived

I'm not sure what set me off on this journey, but I went through Google Earth and found all the places I've lived in my life, except for two.  The first one - we moved when I was barely a year old, and I don't remember it -- and another that was in a trailer park that is no longer there.  So without further ado...

Boonville United Methodist, the parsonage is the lower right structure.  The house to the left of the parsonage was owned by Mrs. Johnson, who would give me sweets and occasionally take me to lunch.

Boonville "Little House", nothing to do with Laura Ingalls, we just called it that because it was wee.  The back "yard" was a concrete slab, and I remember using big chalks to draw lines for streets that I rode on my li'l John Deere (pedal-powered) tractor.  I was five.

Boonville - Fleming Farm The house is the building lower left-ish, the rest are barns and grain silos.  This was where I learned to ride a bike, and I did the driveway loop many, many times.

Laurelledge -  My dad's from Texas, and they name homesteads/farms/ranches there, and he named this one Laurelledge (Mountain Laurels & Rutledge = Laurelledge).  This started life as a "trailer house", but we added onto it several times over the years, until there was very little left of the trailer.

Gold Hall NCSU  (center of pic) - I attended NC State for three semesters, majoring in Dungeons & Dragons... okay, technically I was a computer science major, but in reality... hench the only three semesters

Elkin - Apartment, the complex had a name, but I don't remember it.  I was the very first tenant in my apartment, which was number 80B (BOB)... very apropos

Ferguson - Leesa's place, my first live-in girlfriend, I was here for just over a year.  It was much less blurry in real life.

North Wilkesboro - 6th Street  These apartments also had a name, but I don't remember it.  After I moved out of Leesa's I moved in here.  They were the oldest apartments in town, built sometime around (or just after) WWII.

Valdese - another apartment complex, another non-remembered name.  I lived here while I worked as an assistant manager for Domino's Pizza in Morganton.

N. Wilkesboro - Holly Hills Apartments... I remember this name.  
Here a second time, in a different apartment

Yet another apartment in N. Wilkesboro, don't remember the name, but it was across the street from the Mental Health clinic.

Then I lived here, in a basement apartment...

Then here, in the little building in the middle (it, and the house above-left of it, were built of stone, and looked way cool)

Hmmm... can't really see anything, but that's an a-frame on the Watauga River outside of Boone.  It was nice living there, the deck hung over the river.

Boone is, apparently, a blurry town.  These were round buildings, and my apartment was a semi-circle.

Laurel Branch Road - Vilas.  I lived in this house for three years, on a rent-to-own plan that I couldn't maintain long enough to actually have ownership... but was the closest I got.

More with the blurry... this was a HUGE A-frame house in Powderhorn Mountain.  Very nice house.

Apartment in Boone, 3 months...

Expressions of Asheville (arrow), my head shop... I lived upstairs.  1100 sqft of open space.  I build half walls for privacy around the toilet and shower, but other than that, it was wide open.  Was once a Harley-Davidson shop, and the upstairs was storage... still smelled like oil. :)

The Secret Lair (aka '73 Winnebago)... can just sorta see the roof there in the middle under the trees, with my tarpaulin porch roof at the top.

All the above were in North Carolina... while I was in The Secret Lair I met Jen and moved to...

San Rafael de Heredia, Costa Rica.  Jen and the girls lived in the upstairs apartment, I in the downstairs ( so as not to overwhelm the girls with my presence at first)

San Rafael de Heredia -  And now we live here.


Anonymous said...

OK got motion sickness looking at the photos! but it brought back a ton of memories! Raaaaaaaaalllllphhh, R U trying to make my miss u dude! Hopefully we will see a photo of u and wonderfull better half's house in asheville NC

TheCunningRunt said...

That's an impressive bit of Gum-Shoein' there, Cuz, as well as an impressive list of domiciles!

I have to admit that many of my younger-days abodes were blurry, even at the time, long before there was a Google Earth. ;)