16 February 2011


Today I baked stuff.

First, I made two GINORMOUS loaves of whole wheat:
Okay, it's a closeup of reg'lar sized bread.
Then I made some burger buns, for tomorrow to have wrapped around veggie burgers.  Here's what the counter looked like after I kneaded the bun dough (it's in the bowl under the towel):

And here's the outcome of all today's baking:

I've been trying different recipes for buns, and they've all met with the approval of Teh Girls of teh House, but they weren't what I was after.  So today I got a link from he who is known as Brave Sir Robin, over on Teh Book of Faces, which was thus:  LINK  If you go over there, you'll note that they say one can sub some whole wheat for somea the white.  I did.  And I recommend you do, too.

So I tried it, and lo, it were guuuud!

Ladles and Jellyspoons, I believe we have a winner in the bun category.

And now, off to Anno 1701....


intelliwench said...

Loafing around again, I see.

Bob said...


TheCunningRunt said...

That looks AMAZING, almost enough so to get me to eat bread!