12 January 2011

Half a Lap Is Better Than No Lap &etc....

So what has Bob the Builder been up to since finishing the bunks, you might ask.  If you did, then here's the answer -- with PICTURES!!

(and if you din't, then why are you reading this?  Huh?)

Okay, I didn't do this, but I took the picture:  Looking north from the front door (and across the neighbors privacy wall)

...and looking west.
Then I knocked together a "Tater Bin" -- happy coincidence was that I didn't have to do any cuts at all, these pieces were all cutoffs and ends from the bunk bed
Tater Bin (showing workbench -- which I think is so pretty... shame it's gonna get all beat up as I continue using it, but that 's the nature/purpose/ "raisin deeter" of a workbench
Tater Bin laden (that's LAY-din) and in position (the counter isn't level at that point, which exaggerated the angled rough end of the back board and makes the thing look somewhat Dali-esque, I think)
Today I'm working on a frame for a rolling board -- all our counters are tile, with depressed grout lines, so it's hard to roll anything smooth.  I've got some leftover plywood from the beds (see large piece in background above) and I'm doing a half-lap frame on which to mount the ply so it stops curling (it's only 5mm thick).

What you see is what I've got -- no clamps yet -- so I've rigged some blocks to hold the pieces as I cut the laps.  Then I'll move the blocks around to use as a "frame holder" as I do the assembly.

My "workshop", showing the one power tool - a non-reversible drill.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You're a pretty handy dude.

TheCunningRunt said...

Ditto on Dr. MVM's observation! Never heard of a 'tater bin (Laden) before, but it looks handy as all get-out!