15 January 2011


As mentioned earlier, I'm working on a rolling board, as all our counters are tile with 1/8"+ grout seams, which, if I wanted a large waffle design on my biscuits and such would be fine.  Since I don't though, I make this:
Here's the four pieces of the frame laid out after cutting.  Not bad for doing it without clamps and such.  (Also shows the dining table which was out in the "shop" for a couple new coats of poly)

In the previous post I showed the blocks in the "cut" arrangement.  Here they are in the "hold the pieces in place for drilling" arrangement.  I simply screwed them to the worktop.  This is the final corner, and it came together pretty well.

Closeup of the above, showing ... it closer. (also note my carpenter's calculator at top :) )

After putting the frame together I realized I needed a center crosspiece, so I half lapped it into place (should have been done before assembly, for those keeping score, but I managed to not break anything) and then glued the top onto the frame.  Then stained and poly'ed the underside.

And here's the thing on the counter, waiting for me to use it (the plywood top is poly'ed, but not stained).  Pretty, eh?

And now I think I'll go make some cinnamon bread.


Dick said...

Cinnamon bread? Cinnamon bread? I want some!

(Nice work, Bob!)

intelliwench said...

Rolling board...what a great idea! Sounds like a good way to keep cat hair out of the biscuits!

TheCunningRunt said...

As a three-thumbs clutz with no skills in the "build-it" category, I'm WAY more than impressed - I'm jealous as hell!!

You're making a beautiful home out of a place which started out as "make-do." I bet Jen and the girls are diggin' it more than I am.

And of course, the cinnamon bread - how good can it get??


kkryno said...

You're pretty handy, in the shop and the kitchen!