04 February 2010


Yesterday morning, the internet seemed all sluggish and stuff, so I tried resetting the modem (which Jen had done before to great effect). Unfortunately, I pressed the recessed reset button and not the power button, which is what she had done before.

No internet.

No way to access the passwords and such required to get the modem working again, other than calling the phone company and requesting a tech visit. So Jen called them and was told "24 - 48 hours".

But first thing this morning the phone rang, and I gave the tech directions, and he was just here and we have internet again!!!!

And, I will not press the recessed reset button again.


Dusty said...

LOL! Did you feel like an nimrod when you pushed the wrong button? I know I would of. ;)

Saoirse in Spokane said...

Lessons learned. But the internet is back!! Yeah!!