27 December 2008

"Home" Again

That would be back at my sister's, after an overnight visit to REDACTED and parts nearby, where, yesterday, I met Jen's family and she began the process of meeting mine (there's lots of us). All that went well, I do believe -- despite the wanton thievery of some chocolate pie.

And then today was my family's Christmas Get-Together.

Today was also Clean-out-Mom-&-Dad's-Old-Apartment-At-The-Retirement-Home-Cause-They've-Moved-To-The-Next-Level-Of-Care, which, due to the combination of my dad being a second tier packrat (yes, I admit defeat, Jen) and them living in that apartment for 14 years, was not a simple matter. On the plus side, I get the old rolltop desk (which will live here at my sister's until such time as my living arrangement has room for such) and the parents (who are in their late 80s) have more present health care -- it was always there before, but now it comes to check on them, instead of them having to call for help when needed.

So, I'm back at the computer and tired. Oh, and I have an airline cold I caught playing checkers the other day, which has added another layer to the last couple days. It's all good, though. :)

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