20 December 2008

Christmas Morning and the First Day of School All Rolled Together

When I was a kid, I always -- like most of us, I'm sure -- woke up extra early on Christmas Morning so's I could see what presents I got. Well, unlike most of us -- I'm sure -- I was the same way on the first day of school (and the night before).

I could never get to sleep the night before, and it was the only other day of the year (besides Christmas Morning) that I didn't need an alarm or a parent telling me to wake up. I was so excited about the first day of school, new books, new classroom, all that stuff. As I write this I can remember that first day of school scent -- the books, the new notebook and pencils, the way the school itself smelled after being closed up all summer -- the smell of learning, just waiting to happen....

Well, today is like that for me, a day that has been looked forward to for months has finally arrived.

At the time stamp for this post, I will be on a train, going somewhere special.

I won't have access to a computer, so I'm pre-posting this.

Once I am with computer again, I'm sure there'll be photos.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and I'll see y'all when I return.

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