11 August 2008

Unclear On The Concept?

A couple weeks ago I was doing some research for an article I was working on for another venue, and I came across a an article linked from E: The Environmental Magazine. I clicked on the link, and was told that to read it I would have to sign up for a free trial issue. Sure, no prob. It stated right there that I could opt out of the 1 year subscription, blah, blah, blah.

Problem #1: After filling out the form for the free issue, I was given access to the first issue of the magazine, not the article I was wanting to read for my research.

Problem #2: The bill for the one year subscription arrived in the mail a couple days ago - before the free issue ever arrived.

Problem #3: The envelope? From E: The Environmental Magazine? Came stuffed with about 30 pieces of paper, with all kinds of BS offers from I don't know what-all. WHAT!?!?

All hail capitalism!

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