30 August 2008

Political Obeservations

In a highly unscientific poll - meaning, I've been looking around while driving and, when I've ventured out to the local supermarket, I've walked around the parking lot and looked at bumpers - I have concluded that if there's anybody around here who's thinking of voting for Jamakane, they're not proud of it, or letting the world know who they support.

Barack Obama Jamakane
Yard Signs 12 0
Bumper Stickers 127 0
TOTAL 139 0

What makes this even more surprising is that Henderson County, where I live, is predominantly Republican (somewhere around 70-75%, I can't find the actual numbers).

Somehow, I don't think that Jamakane (POW-AZ) choosing unknown, untested, unexperienced (she has roughly 1/6th of Obama's political experience - looking only at time served) and possibly unethical Sarah Palin as his running mate will evoke a wave of yard sign/bumper sticker placements for the Republican ticket.

Can Diebold rigging overcome a 20 percentage point loss? We shall see.

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