20 April 2008

Poll Results for "Labels" Question

In a conversation with Jen a few days ago, I remarked that I was thinking of eliminating the list of labels (tags, categories, wev you might call them) in my sidebar, in an attempt to have less ... stuff ... flowing down the side of the page.

She said, "But they're useful, don't you think?"

"Meh," I replied.

She was persistent in her opinion, however, so I put it to you, my Dear Readers.

Sigh, I am well and truly put in my place. By an overwhelming margin, you have agreed with her. 10 out of 15 people said, "Yes", 1 said "No", 3 said "What are Labels?" and 1 said "Why would I navigate a site?". Why, indeed?

The list stays. And I thank you for your input.

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