06 November 2007

Your Daily Outrage

From the Campaign for America's Future website:

Readers of this blog first met Nancy Nord in this post from two and a half months ago. I had woken up to NPR's "Morning Edition," and heard a toy industry spokesman spinning the recent massive recall of Mattel toys for lead contamination—was admiring her skill at obfuscation, throwing sand in the face of the facts, serenely and sweetly muddying the waters to deny there was really much of a problem at all, but that good folks had the problem entirely under control.

I listened on, and soon learned that this was no toy industry spokesman. She was the chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. She just talked like a toy industry spokesman—which, I soon learned, was no surprise: a typical revolving-door conservative crony, her relevant experience in protecting consumers was as a corporate lobbyist fighting to keep the government from protecting consumers.

Go here to sign the petition to get her lead-loving ass booted!

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