12 November 2007

I'm Not Proud Of It...

...but it's what the "client" wanted.

This is the promised follow-up to Saturday's post.

To quickly recap, Neighbor wanted a doggy door installed in his sliding glass door. I figured out an insert that would fit the opening so that the operable door would close up against it. A fairly simple project. After we got the materials and I began cutting the pieces, Neighbor decided that he wanted it done differently - to install the doggy door in the screen door frame.

This required a different "mode of attack" and some stretching of materials, as I am loathe to throw away an already cut sheet of luon (that real thin plywood that you often see as backs of dressers and such).

Anyway, the job is (mostly) done. All I have left to do is a second coat of paint on both sides of the newly created sliding wood door. What do you think?

Close-up o' the doggy door.

Full view of the new door.

Additional coats of paint will take care of the streaking that is visible on the door. I also need to put a handle on the outside to make it easier to open.

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