11 October 2007


Well, I think that someone finally stumbled onto "Say What?".[link fixed by Phydeaux]

It would appear that I have struck a nerve with our friend$ on the extreme right. I started the site little more than a month ago, say what was no big deal. Type in "Say What?" blogspot and there's close to two million options. Talk about loosing a needle in a haystack! What a tactic. This is probably old news to a lot of you polished bloggers out there, but to me, man it must have been an act of god!

Speak of the devil! God told me today to round up all his opposition on the planet and do a turn about. Fair play right? So anyone that reads this, as duty to your country, name a blog Jesus, heaven, Federalist, Republican, Armageddon, G8, you get the picture, and put in the heading something like Santa Clara vs Southern Pacific, or doesn't class by definition dictate segregation. It's time to separate the good christians from the money mongers!

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