13 September 2007

Latest Phydeaux Poll Results!

The question this time was:

Do you even notice this poll?

36% of respondents said "Yes"
73% of respondents said "Cheese biscuit"
1% of respondents were apparently lost in the ether
(btw, I do know that the numbers are rounded off and that is the reason for the missing 1%)

I reckon I should have expected such terribly skewed results, with a loaded question - or rather, answers - like that. The only thing that really surprises me is that no one answered "No". Apparently the folks that didn't see the poll chose not to vote.

Hey, that's just like most Americans eligible to vote in elections!

I guess I'm also mildly surprised that no one chose "I'm from Gdansk" - it was a PolePoll, after all.

Look for another hard hitting, in depth, and totally non-scientific Poll question soon!

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